Friday, July 08, 2005


Broadcast and cable news networks broke with the story of terrorist attacks in London early yesterday morning and stayed with that story, as well as the connection to G-8 summit, reactions in Washington DC and New York, throughout the morning and for some, much of the day. Into the evening, ABC's Primetime Live and ABC News Nightline both focused on the story. Yesterday's coverage also marked probably the first time the use of cellphone video clips were incorporated into a major breaking news story. According to the AP, the London based Associated Press Television News staffers were instructed to find witnesses with cellphone video clips. London's ITN network was actively soliciting the clips on air with a lower-third crawl. And finally, ABC changed its primetime movie from Reign of Fire (set in post-apocalyptic London) to an innocuous kid/tween movie, Big Fat Liar.

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