Friday, August 26, 2005

Studio Update : Independent Film 3:15

Algorithm is currently working on creative development and graphic packaging / styling for independent film 3:15.

What is 3:15?
For most people it is just a time. For Michael it is a dream and a goal that he is determined to make.

A qualifying time for male runners between the ages of 35 to 40.

“I think this was when I knew that I wanted to run the Boston Marathon. Basically, because part of me thought that I couldn’t qualify. In the past, my marathon PR (Personal Record) was 3:51 at Lake Placid. I would have to cut thirty-six minutes off my best time… thirty-six minutes off my best marathon time. In roughly the span of one year…”

“I can do this.”

Centered on long distance running and the personal goal of qualifying to the 2007 Boston Marathon, 3:15 will show the commitment of a runner and the huge sacrifices they and their families make so they may run. This documentary short will begin in August of 2005 as Michael Zolomij trains for the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM). One year ago, the MCM was Michael’s first marathon in which he finished with a respectable 03:56:25. This year he hopes to finish in 03:30:00, slowly edging his way to achieving a 3:15 at the Chicago Marathon. The Chicago course is know to be fast and flat, making it the perfect race to qualify for Boston. The body of 3:15 will be told through interviews with Michael, family and friends, as well as seen through the training runs and races that Michael tries to accomplish within an already chaotic life. Working fulltime and holding on to some freelance work, Michael trains six days a week for the upcoming marathons. During this time his wife studies for her Doctorate and they both raise their four children (the oldest turning five in January 2006). Together their hard work and love for their children and one another make them an incredible team, able to achieve anything.

After the MCM, Michael may run a spring marathon to stay in shape. But his focus will be on his final goal, October 8, 2006 the Chicago Marathon. For Michael to run a marathon in three hours and fifteen minutes is no joke and he knows this… all too well.

This is a journey through a year of training for that goal and a personal look into Michael’s life as husband, father, son and friend.

“Without fear and uncertainty, life would be a shallow existence. It’s one year of hard training for me and Chicago is the end, “After Chicago, Boston will just be fun… my goal will have already been met. Chicago is my true challenge. Chicago is what scares me.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Zulu actor James Booth dies at 77

Veteran British actor James Booth, star of Zulu, has died at the age of 77.

Algorithm Design is currently in the process of creating / proposing an online design solution for the Zulu War historical archives.

Born in Croydon, Surrey, in 1927, the Rada-trained actor began his career on the stage at London's Old Vic theatre before being cast in the 1964 classic.

But his portrayal of Private Henry Hook as a thieving drunk would later inspire a campaign to restore the reputation of the Victoria Cross-winning soldier.

Booth divided his time between America and the UK, achieving success in later life in the cult US TV show Twin Peaks.

His role in Twin Peaks, as ex-convict Ernie Niles, followed appearances in Minder and Bergerac and a recurring role in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Mulberry Consulting

Interactive electronic retailing and gaming.

Algorithm Design is currently working with Mulberry Consulting on a number of upcoming interactive television projects. Mulberry's Tim Megaw has spent over twenty years in broadcasting management, most recently with QVC as a Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and TV Sales. Responsible for all on-air aspects of QVC US over the last six years and of QVC UK for four years before that, Tim has directed much of the TV success of the company over the last decade. Tim's achievements are many and include the design, development and launch of the world's first interactive shopping channel, the launch of, the first "Video on Demand" shopping experience (on Comcast Cable) and many interactive and retail features that have helped QVC US distance itself from its competition and helped guide it to the six billion dollar company it is today.

Tim now runs his own consulting firm that enables other companies to leverage interactive TV technologies for gaming and retail. His experience and many contacts within the field can help you achieve the highest standards in electronic, interactive and retail technologies.

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