Friday, December 30, 2005

Just Added : Factory Records Posters

Building on it's existing design archive of fictional promotional and concert posters for Factory Records bands, Algorithm has just completed a further set of concert posters for New Order and Joy Division. The posters were inspired by the anticipation building towards not only next years new New Order album, but the excitement growing around a potential Joy Division tour, and new Joy Division material.

"As a mark of respect to their former singer, New Order have been throwing in Joy Division songs during most of their sets throughout 2005. This culminated in the band playing a set almost entirely made up of Joy Division songs last month, as a tribute to the former Radio 1 DJ John Peel.

Hooky said the band are considering playing all-Joy Division sets at some stage in the future. He added: "We have actually talked about doing Joy Division sets and gigs but we haven't actually found our footing yet. We did the festivals and had a bit of time off but because we've played two gigs recently and had the whole UK Hall Of Fame thing we haven't really decided what we're gonna do next. If we deem it to be enjoyable then we'll do it."

More information at New Order Online or view all the posters here


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