Monday, December 05, 2005

Links : Dott 07

Dott (Designs of the time) launches in North East England in 2007 and will provide the opportunity for designers, businesses and public service providers to engage with consumers and citizens in improving national life through design. Dott is a 10–year programme of design promotion, manifesting every two years and spanning entire regions or nations across the UK. The programme is about supporting and encouraging design as central to the future economic and social success of the UK.

Dott will provide an inspiring, involving and educational initiative with relevance to young people and the broad national public. Over 10 years, the Design Council will work in partnership with five of the UK’s regions or nations and each Dott will be driven from within the region or nation in response to its individual needs. It is about an inclusive and participatory approach to design that will stimulate long–term change and create a lasting legacy in each region.

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