Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Found At FontSmith

The custom typeface created by Fontsmith for the launch of ITV, was "a very different kettle of fish from the other channels we've done" according to the foundry's creative head, Jason Smith.

This is the first chance to see the whole of the new ITV typeface which will play a unifying role in the identity of the of the newly re-branded ITV network, conceived by Red Bee Media, formerly BBC Broadcast.

The major challenge which the font's designers faced was how to bring together the ITV network of channels while simultaneously giving each a clearly defined identity.

This apparent contradiction was compounded by what Jason Smith explains as technical difficulties: "The font also had to be practical for some of the incredibly long programme titles you get on ITV".

It took typical Fontsmith ingenuity to solve the problem: "We created four different weights". The specialist type studio created four weight variations in the new type face, thereby giving each of the network's very different channels the flexibility to create its own easily identified design.

While Fontsmith founder, Jason Smith, is keen not to overplay the importance of the typeface, he does note that, "it can be hugely influential in terms of subliminal recognition". Custom type design acts as a visual reassurance which is not itself the focus of attention: "The audience should not notice the typeface but should, importantly, notice the brand", he concludes.

ITV is the latest broadcaster to join an elite handful of TV stations in owning their own bespoke Fontsmith typeface. In every case the specially designed type has met cheery approval from executives and viewers alike, making Fontsmith something of a name in the field of TV typography.

Tim Platt, Creative Director at Red Bee says “Jason’s ability to understand the creative parameters of the brief and his genuinely collaborative approach to the design process meant we were able to create a unique and stylish font that will play a major role across the redesign of the whole ITV Network”


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