Monday, January 30, 2006

Listening To : Sun Kil Moon

Jesus was an only child...
On the Algorithm iTunes in what seems like constant rotation, are the first two albums from ex-Red House Painters folks Sun Kil Moon. These are albums to design to - peaceful and tuneful but morose and melancholy (well... it works for me), and contain all the things that were great about the Red House Painters. The first album "Ghosts Of The Great Highway" is a little more rocked out and poppy than the second "Tiny Cities", which returns to the more traditional acoustic sound reminiscent of the days of RHP. We prefer the first one, which has the sublime "Salvador Sanchez" which for all of those long awaiting a return to the rocked-out form of "Grace Cathedral Park" in anthemic spectacle, you wont be disappointed.

If you ever get to see Sun Kil Moon, they are excellent live (they're playing the Bowery on May 24th for you NYC people who read this), and The Red House Painters were the only band (ok, apart from Sigur Ros), to make me cry at a show. When they played "Mistress" back in 2001 at the Shepherd's Bush Empire it was one of the most incredible live experiences I've ever had.

Anyway, other stuff we're listening to here includes the great debut album from Film School, Sigur Ros's 'Takk' is still going strong, as is Howard Shore's 'Aviator' soundtrack. All come highly recommeded from us here at Algorithm!


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