Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sheppard's Edublips #132 and #058

Paul Kamuf/Paul Sheppard (Vote For EduBlips)

The Pitch
"We declare an end to reading. An end to traditional teaching. All knowledge transfer can be radically efficientified through the use of Sheppard's Edublips(TM). Reading for learning's sake has become an inefficient waste of time. Likewise for traditional media. A new method of information transfer is avaialble, the Edublip. It is faster, more powerful, more modern and in all ways superior to previous learning methods. All those who deny the power of the edublip will be left behind. Our goal is and has always been to affect massive positive change through the use of audiovisual pieces of less than 20 seconds. The edublip is further testament to our commitment to a better society. Download edublips today. Future Products and Pricing: How to be a Millionaire. 15 seconds. $3.99 How to be a Billionaire. 15 seconds. $4.99 Lose Weight and Whiten Teeth. 16 seconds. $6.99 End Drug Addiction. 14 seconds. $3.99 Be Happy. 10 seconds. $3.99 Eat Better. 5 seconds. $6.99 Learn Chinese and Improve your Gait. 14 seconds. $10.99

Edublips are short movies made using GettyImages footage and stills and are guaranteed to affect behavioral change and positive thought alteration if used according to instructions. Edublips will be produced using a myriad of images connected to the title topic. The media will be assembled as an "instructional" "film. "The Next Big Idea movie will have 2 full edublips followed by a list of upcoming titles. It will take the form of something that was downloaded off the internet from a store such as itunes or (although will be full resolution of course). The movies will consist of stills and footage strung together to tell a very very short story about the title of the film. The movies will be edited with an eye towards pacing and intelligent juxtaposition.

The makers of the edublips guarantees they will work but the instructions are impossibly hard to follow, such as watching the short everyday consecutively for a year on a full stomach, etc. therefore it is impossible to disprove their claim. References: Clockwork Orange: rehabilitation treatment, Suprematist Manifesto by Kasimir Malevich."

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