Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Prediction

Artificial intelligence says Brazil will beat Italy for their sixth Cup

By Sarah Tregoning, Staff Reporter
Dubai: The World Cup may whip football fans into a frenzy of passion, but two students have applied cold science to predict the tournament's outcome.
Imran Fanaswala and Yashar Fasihnia, both 22, say they know exactly who is going to win the World Cup, thanks to their artificial intelligence World Cup predictor FIFI.
FIFI, which stands for Fifa Intelligence, has predicted the winners of each game from the group stages to the final.
The students, who study Computer Science at American University in Sharjah, devised FIFI under the guidance of their tutor, Professor Joachim Diederich.
"We designed the model based on statistics," said Fanaswala who is from India.
"The first stage was gathering a lot of information. We went back 20 years and collected all sorts of information about the teams; things like team performance, score and scorers."
The two students spent weeks collating their data and developed profiles on head-to-heads.
They then fed the information into FIFI and waited for the answer. And who is destined to lift the coveted World Cup?
"We think Brazil and Italy will be in the final and Brazil will win," said Fasihnia, who will be nevertheless be supporting his native Iran during the tournament.

"One semifinal will feature the Netherlands and Italy and the other England and Brazil."

And one of the quarterfinals will see England beat old rivals, Argentina.
Diederich, who oversaw the project, gave the students an A grade for their efforts. He said that according to statistical tests, FIFI operates with 83 per cent accuracy.
"Given the limited amount of time that they had to complete this project, that figure is very high," he commented.
And Fasihnia added: "If we had more time and manpower we would have liked to research things like pitch condition, temperature, age of players, experience and many other variables. Then we could have been even more accurate."
But FIFI's prediction doesn't bode well for Diederich's native Germany.
Based on statistical analysis, artificial intelligence believes that the host country will lose to the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

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