Sunday, December 10, 2006

Getting Used To The Tiny Buttons

So I'm slowly getting used to the world of wireless and the new Blackberry. These tiny little buttons are kind of tough to use when typing and they make my fingers and thumbs feel enormous, but thankfully I've not quite turned into one of those dreaded folks who turn into social retards and magically lose their hearing as a result of their handhelds. I am excited about the idea of making my commuting time more effective though. I hope it doesn't come at the expense of my readingg though, as I've really been enjoying working through a few great Augusten Burroughs novels over the past couple of weeks. I really love the accessibility of his work and particularly find his sarcastic sense of humor incredible. I only recently became aware of him after seeing the movie 'Running With Scissors' at one of my favorite places in the world, the Ritz Bourse Theater in Philadelphia. It seems like every single movie I've ever seen there has been incredible. They have the great concession stand and of course the Cosi across the street. Now that we don't live in the area anymore I keep meaning to try and find somwhere similar around here (of course I had the Angelika when I was in Manhattan) and I think there's a place but I can't remember where on earth it is. You really can't beat going to see an indie movie on a Sunday evening. Somehow it makes Monday morning seem further away. I think I'm also going to enjoy the stream of consciousness the Blackberry is going to facilitate... I've been wanting to provide a more personalized commentary for a while here, perhaps this might just do it.

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