Saturday, July 23, 2005

Takagism Inc.

Toshimitsu Takagi

Crimson Room

Veridian Room

Blue Chamber

Name: Toshimitsu Takagi
Location: Sapporo Japan
Birthday: 1965 May 8
Education: Waseda Univ., Majored in Art History.

Job Title that best describes what I do: Multimedia creator
If I wasn't doing this, I'd be: A mystery author.
My favorite film is: "AMADEUS"
The music I've been listening to lately: Iggy Pop.

Personal hero: Rodney!
Browser Preference: I.E.4 now.
Currently working on: Making Director movie for myself.

DOUG: Your web site is packed with lots of Shockwave and Flash examples. Are these things you have done for clients or just for yourself?

TT: Just for myself! But recently clients want my Director movies. So I've been writing many proposals.

DOUG: Many of the Shockwave movies on your site are animations with no interactivity. Do you consider yourself more of an artist and animator than programmer?

TT: I'd rather be called an artist than a programmer.

DOUG: I especially enjoyed your QP Doll game. Where did you get such a sick sense of humor?!

TT: Thank you. I also like it the best. When I made that movie,I was a little crazy, so I didn't think it was that funny at the time.

DOUG: In your animation "The Sleepless Night", a refrigerator metamorphizes into a sultry nude woman who seems to taunt your protagonist. In "Metempsychosis", young boys clone themselves through regurgitation. I find myself looking for deeper meaning -- as I would examine a classic painting or sculpture. Where do you find your inspiration?

TT: LSD...No, It's a joke! We can buy many kinds of computer applications, but I draw my pictures with old-fashioned tools.
For me, those simple applications are my hammer or knife or something. With them, I can make my mind free.

DOUG: Many of your animations (On a Northern Lake, for example) could have been done in Flash2, if it had existed at the time you created them. I see that you are also using Flash now. How do you plan to integrate Director/Shockwave and Flash2 in your work?

TT: It's difficult to make interaction with Flash. It doesn't have "random".

DOUG: What is your vision of what Shockwave and Flash can mean to web communications?

TT: Difficult to answer. Making movies is just fun for me.

DOUG: What do you want to do next?

TT: I want to write a novel about multimedia.

DOUG: What projects are you looking forward to?

TT: Now I have a Windows-NT machine. I use Macs no more. It's very hard but also exciting to convert all my works into Windows.


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