Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Links : Sky Vegas Live

From Broadband Bananas : "Sky have managed to learn from the experience of AVAGO and have upped the production value stakes to create a slicker offering, but one which still plays on the fact that viewers like to see and hear their name on TV. Sky's channel has a primary position in the Sky EPG, just below Sky's Movie channels and also benefits from additionally being stripped across Sky One Mix's schedule on a daily basis during a late night, post-pub slot.

In terms of presentation, Sky Vegas Live have brought together a team of professional presenters, Sky's branding of the channel is repetitive and solid, reinforcing the message to viewers to keep playing. The use of a virtual studio means that draws are fast-paced and better synchronised. Virtual studios will also allow Sky to easily introduce different games with or new on-screen identities overnight.

Sky Vegas Live also offers a much cleaner on-screen experience. It is very seldom that presenters on Sky Vegas Live are obscured by the on screen display of the game cards, which contrasts with AVAGO's on-screen experience which can seem cluttered, obscuring the presenters and taking up too much screen real-estate."

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