Monday, January 09, 2006

Links : Thresh Quits Quake?

From Firing Squad
In a dramatic turn of events, Dennis "Thresh" Fong, world renowned gaming expert and undefeated Quake champion, announced that he has officially retired from Quake and all future first person games. The announcement ends months of speculation about Thresh and his status as a competitive player. Would he ever compete in tournaments again? Was Death Row practicing secretly? Some months ago, gamers from the hardcore Quake community suggested that Thresh and his clan were playing under assumed names - the most commonly suspected alias was "Bubbly Gump" from "Clan Gump." Today our founder revealed to us that he's no longer playing Quake. But why?

Gotta Catch 'Em All
With his back turned to the first person gaming phenomenon he helped promote, what is Thresh's next challenge? What would the world's most feared gamer quit Quake for? As it turns out, Thresh has quit Quake to pursue a career in Pokemon. We asked Dennis a series of questions about the recent past and future.

More information at Firing Squad


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