Thursday, February 09, 2006

Links : Swiss 2010 Currency Design

"Earlier this year, the Swiss National BankĀ  announced its intention to introduce a new series by 2010, and invited twelve designers into a competition, asking them to represent "Switzerland open to the world"...

Take a look at the winning entry, by Zurich-based graphic designer Manuel Krebs. What you see there are a rendering of the AIDS virus (on the 200 Swiss Francs bill), of a skull (on the lower-right corner of the 1000), of an embryo (on the 100), and other similar motives. Think of having a fun dinner with friends at a nice restaurant, and then hand over to the waiter a 200-Francs bill representing the AIDS virus."

For the full story please visit Bruno Giussani's running notes on people, places, technologies and ideas.


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