Monday, January 09, 2006

Links : Sony PSP Graffiti Advertising

From Wired Cultural News
Philadelphia wasn't a fan of Sony's graffiti marketing for the PSP, and now NYC isn't either. An article from NYC's local ABC affiliate quotes Councilman Peter Vallone saying, "This is a disturbing trend going on right now. Major corporations are trying to gain some type of street credibility by promoting criminal activity."

The ads, which resemble graffiti except for the prominent placement of something as commercial as the PSP, have been placed throughout the city in half a dozen different locations. There's no question as to the legality of the ads, as Sony paid for the rights, but city officials and residents believe the ads promote vandalism and graffiti. Sony hasn't issued any statement in regards to the Councilman's as of this time. In San Fransico the ads were defaced by angry citizens, and in Philadelphia residents went insofar as to paint over the "art". And we thought that the "games as art" debates were bad enough, huh?

More information at Wired Online


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