Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Links : 2 X 4 Brooklyn Museum Identity

"We imagined the Brooklyn Museum as the alternative Museum. Alternative not in the sense of either the marginal or the counter-cultural, but in an significant way. Alternative in the sense that "mainstream" is imaginary, that everyone, and all important things, are alternative.

Brooklyn Museum is not tourist-oriented, it doesn't cater to prefab, highly polished and well-rehearsed cultural fantasies about elegance, connoisseurship, purity or refinement. It is family-centered and facilitates a process in which visitors readily form their own interpretations of great art through many different, easily shifted and customized paradigms."

Brooklyn Museum combines authority and the active questioning of authority. If there is a central trope, perhaps its the intelligent, informed question, wittily framed. So, in our eyes, there is be an intellectual weight to the Brooklyn Museum of Art's identity combined with a certain quirkiness: Solidity destabilized.

The logo starts as a modern seal, but the seal continuously morphs. Each new iteration draws from a different trope, both high and low: a stamp, a flower, a violator, a thought bubble, a drop of water, etc. The morphing system plays out over the range of graphic materials from business cards and shopping bags to uniforms and site signage."

More information can be found at 2X4.org


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