Monday, February 13, 2006

Links : United Nations Architecture

Found at Design Observer
"Design by committee. No one likes it. No one wants it. Even clients disavow it: "We don't want to get you into a design-by-committee situation here," they'll tell you, usually just before they actually start forming a committee to help you design.

But every once in a while it works. If you doubt this, look at the complex of buildings that rises on the East River in midtown Manhattan: the headquarters of the United Nations."

To those outside who question us we can reply: we are united, we are a team: the World Team of the United Nations laying down the plans of a world architecture, world, not international, for therein we shall respect the human, natural and cosmic laws...There are no names attached to this work. As in any human enterprise, there is simply discipline, which alone is capable of bringing order.
Le Corbusier, quoted in The U.N. Building

Read the full article at Design Observer


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