Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just Added : Animated Gif Video Tests

We've been experimenting with the MySpace profile image area and trying to get some approximation of streaming video to work in there.

Above is an example of the kind of compressed content we have been successful in getting to work (click on the image to see it integrated within the profile page), which seems to work out well when you create an enormous animated gif (around 20-30s at around 12-15fps out of After Effects is a good benchmark), but keeping the colors to a limited number (2 and patterned gives it a great 'retro' styling) in order to keep the files around 300k. It seems like even though MySpace's image limit is 600k it is really struggling to upload animated gifs over 400k, causing all manner of frame corruptions and distorted playback.

For an example of this in action please visit Algorithm's MySpace page.


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