Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The History Of An Image

I love this image. I first used a picture almost identical to this (I couldnt find the original online but this is really close), 14 years ago when I was at art school in Somerset, England. Now, here it is again being used, this time for a blog as found imagery in New York. The photograph ws always one I really liked, being of Katie Jane Garside of indie band Daisy Chainsaw (later Queen Adreena). I think it was originally published in Select magazine. In 1992 I used this imagery in a painting for my final exam (remember this was before the time of computers being widely available in art schools... that makes me feel old), and combined it with a couple of other images which I silkscreened and then worked on top of, before silkscreening on top as the final step.

It's one of the great things about Google Image Search as a designer in being able to harvest your old found imagery.

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