Friday, December 22, 2006

Now Online: 3:15 Trailer

Just updated at the Algorthm designed site Three Fifteen, is the trailer for the forthcoming independent feature film, 3:15. Algorithm has been working on this project since its inception, and has provided the creative direction and styling for all the promotional collatoral and graphics treatments. It's the story of a runner's training period and attempted qualification for a marathon. My sincere congratulations to Mike on a wonderful achievement in getting this far, can't wait for the full movie to be edited, assembled and to see it on the big screen.

From the movie synopsis:
"This is a journey through a year of training for that goal and a personal look into Michael’s life as husband, father, son and friend.

“Without fear and uncertainty, life would be a shallow existence. It’s one year of hard training for me and Chicago is the end, “After Chicago, Boston will just be fun… my goal will have already been met. Chicago is my true challenge. Chicago is what scares me.”

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