Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tova25 Featured On Ravenwood Creative Blog

"The Internet is full of cool sites to explore and hopefully interact with, as I think that’s the goal of any site, you want the user to take some sort of action, whether it’s just learning something or playing a game or buying something, to often corporations forget that the web is an interactive media.

To show you what can be done if you merge design with function - I just wanted to share a cool site friends of mine from my QVC days have put together for a client - Tova Borgnine - the site is Tova25. Designed to help Tova celebrate 25 years of her fragrance line, the site has everything from her OSCAR-award-winning actor and husband, Ernest Borgnine to QVC and others that have influenced her fragrance are here in a slick, yet elegantly simple, timeline interface.

It’s interface is cutting-edge, a truly multimedia experience on the web for something, like fragrance, that would challenge most of us to present in such an eye-catching and dramatic fashion. Until they invent, the “Scent Internet” this is the way to promote a brand and its essence.

So a shout out to Tim Megaw and Matt Shadbolt for a job well done. Do you know any cool site that are out there using the latest in video, audio and graphics? Let me know and we’ll share them here."


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